Case Study:
A Lifelong Partnership

A longtime client became involved in developing a new business venture that required significant cash investment. Bill already owned multiple successful businesses and was concerned with how this business would fit into the family’s existing plan. He wasn’t sure how to allocate his resources between the family’s businesses in the most efficient way.

Copper Beech Solution

As Bill had been a Copper Beech client for a long time, we knew everything about the family and their assets. With this knowledge we determined what sources to use as capital for this venture to ensure that the rest of the family’s plan was not jeopardized as a result of over- allocating to this new business.

Once that was determined we:

  • Coordinated bi-weekly meetings with the family.
  • Developed an implementation plan with their accounting, legal, and banking teams on this new venture.
  • Educated the second generation on their participation and responsibility in the venture as owners.


Bill’s new venture was funded from the appropriate source, his children were educated on their responsibilities, and the new venture was set up to potentially succeed from the start.*



*Investments in private business enterprises represent significant risk and there are no assurances of future performance or results.