Case Study:
Business Succession, Tax Efficiency, & Asset Protection

A successful family business was purchased by the three children from their father. Unsure if they were adequately prepared, the three children came to see us. We began with an audit, as we do with all of our new clients.

The audit showed: 


  • There wasn’t a shareholder agreement that provided for the efficient transfer of company shares in the event one of the children were to pass away.
  • All three had significant estate tax exposure.
  • The family assets were not adequately protected.


  • His plan to leave his assets to his children outright would have considerably increased their tax exposure.
  • He had significant estate tax exposure.
  • His assets were not adequately protected.

Copper Beech Solution

  • We reduced their tax exposure by working with the business CFO, their attorney, and their CPA to transfer the company into a trust.
  • We established a shareholder agreement to protect the shareholders and the company itself.


As a result of implementing these changes, the family’s tax exposure has been mitigated and their company has been protected by a shareholder agreement if one of the children passes away. 



*Investments in private business enterprises represent significant risk and there are no assurances of future performance or results.  Neither Copper Beech, APFS, nor its representatives provide tax, legal, or accounting advice.  Please consult your own tax advisor before making any decisions regarding tax or legal issues.