Infrequently Asked Questions

Sound advice is driven by the willingness to ask the tough questions and supported by the trust between the advisor and the client. At Copper Beech, we ask the questions that are often overlooked or avoided to make sure that we close the potential gaps in our clients’ plans. Consider some of the following and ask yourself, “Has my advisor addressed these with me?”

  • What were to happen to your business if you were to die or become permanently disabled tomorrow?
  • Is your next business partner your current partner’s ex-spouse and his/her kids?
  • Why have you elected to have the Federal Government become a partner in all of your family’s success?
  • In your family plan, have you considered to keep communications a focus to protect the generations from the shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves proverb?
  • As parents pass on, what planning have you considered or established to build the core principle of making sure that your family stays together?
  • With all the problems our country faces today: cost of education, future inflation, anticipated tax hikes, healthcare costs, and living too long, have you established a safety net for your children and grandchildren?
  • Studies have shown us that only 30% of businesses are successfully transferred to the second generation*. What plans have you established to make sure that you protect your business value to your family?
  • When you signed your will, how do you know it’s the best will that you can sign?
  • What governance has been established within your current trust documents?
  • What was your net composite rate of return last year on your investments?
  • Are you aware that the federal estate tax is voluntary?
  • How many of your assets are held within your tax exempt estate?



*Famous Families who Failed to Plan, Levin Agency, Business Resource Center for Advanced Sales, The Family Business Institute, September 2008.