Our Unique Approach

We take the family out of the middle

Copper Beech acts as a Family CFO and provides Family Office services that focus on tax efficiency, asset protection, and family governance. We collaborate with you, your family, and your trusted advisors to establish a generational wealth management plan. Our goal is not only to protect, preserve, and grow your wealth for generations but to capture your family values and instill them in the next generation. We take you out of the middle and coordinate your trusted advisors on your behalf to make the best possible financial decisions for your family.

One of the biggest challenges is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Our decades of experience make sure your family has a comprehensive wealth management plan.

Our relationship is a lifelong partnership designed to help your family make the best possible financial decisions for generations to come.

Copper Beech - Family Office and Family CFO Services 

“To embark on long-term wealth preservation is an act of extraordinary courage for a family, like the planting of a copper beech tree, since the family members who initiate the process will never know whether they were ultimately successful. If you are courageous and you want to be a wealth creator in the most profound sense, get started. There is no time to waste.”

– James Hughes