70% of affluent families lose their wealth in the second generation. 90% lose it in the third. Many factors contribute to this loss, from lack of planning to insufficient transfer of family values to gaps between the trusted family advisors.

Transitioning family wealth is a complex undertaking. Breakdowns in communication and trust, coupled with inadequately prepared heirs, can quickly unravel even the closest knit family. Families need to transfer values to the next generation, consider the family intellectual and human capital (in addition to the financial capital), and make sure there are no devastating gaps between their trusted advisors.

Copper Beech specializes in helping families navigate generational wealth management. Our mission is to help families minimize conflict between heirs, foster family unity, and pass family values down to future generations. We develop a precise plan for your family’s long term financial well-being. From layered estate planning strategies to educational trusts, we have you covered.

Ask yourself:

  • With the risks in the world today, what asset protection strategies have you implemented to protect your family’s wealth?
  • Has anyone calculated your estate settlement costs upon your death?
  • Have you instilled your values in your children?