Who Do We Serve?

Business Owners

You are an excellent CEO of your business. But how are you as a CEO at home? From asset protection to family governance to tax efficiency there are many components of your financial health. Let us take you out of the middle and coordinate your team of trusted advisors to make the best possible financial decisions for your family. Continue Reading

Philanthropy/ Family Foundation

Philanthropy provides many benefits to families. From personal fulfillment to sharing values, philanthropy is an important component of a family’s generational wealth plan. The philanthropic legacy can be the glue that holds your family together for generations to come. Continue Reading


Transitioning family wealth is a complex undertaking. Breakdowns in communication and trust, coupled with inadequately prepared heirs, can quickly unravel even the closest knit family. Families need to transfer values to the next generation, consider the family intellectual and human capital (in addition to the financial capital), and make sure there are no devastating gaps between their trusted advisors.Continue Reading

Generational Wealth Transfer/Inheritors

Being a steward of your family’s wealth is a complicated endeavor. Navigating the unfamiliar waters of tax efficiency, governance, asset protection, and philanthropy can be daunting. Copper Beech will lead you to be a stalwart steward of your family’s wealth to preserve it for generations. Continue Reading